Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's New with I Just Opine

My primary purpose for blogging and set-upping my own domain is to make my name searcheable in the internet, waaaaaa.... Yes, it's true, that is the reason why i made it My name would not appear enumerable if not because of my blog. I will not be seen in search like "CPA BOARD PASSER", as much as i wanted to be there!, this is because I am not BSA grad, proud to be BSC Management Accounting graduate, not because I failed the BSA qualifying examination, it was because, there's no accountancy course in our school, only BSC, and I have to grab it as I had no other choice, i was granted a scholarship, full scholarship - no fees paid, that's why I am very proud of Canossa College San Pablo City for helping me in my college education, if not with their help, I don't know where I am today.

Aah, turning out of the title....
What's new with I Just Opine?, i got AntVenture, another site who holds sponsorship of various advertiser. Not sure yet how lucrative i will be with Mr. Dan Chan :-) We'll all find it out ha??

So check out my blog, you'll notice popping out of my site, just don't get annoyed with it, it's my ad...

dhynnes :-)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

High School Gala...

Hmmm, just thinking of a luscious foods to prepare on Sunday. My high school friends will be coming to our home and have lunch over. This was the idea gotten by Reynolds, he asked us if we could have something like "gala" on Sunday if we will not be busy. And since i wrote that we haven't talked that much everytime we meet after mass, i agreed that we meet this weekend, and suggested to make it regularly, that after mass, we will visit each homes of us for lunch! Good idea!

Well, looking forward to that event, so hs friends, see us on Sunday!

Go go go....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FB's Farmville

I am not playing farmville nor any applications of facebook, my brother does. And because last week i brought with me my netbook, he was not able to harvest my crops, it got withered.

 These are the photos.
My brother enjoys farmville, ninja and now fish world. I let him login my fb account and harvest what he planted. I think not only my brother enjoys fb's applications, all FAD :-) Everytime I log in, i always see updates regarding those applications. That is the advantage of fb over other networks.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just A Chrismas Card

A 5yr old boy named Noah, is dying. He'dl ost his battle with cancer,his family was recently told that he most likely would NOT make it 'til Christmas. So, this little boy's last wishes are that he (Noah) would like to receive as many Christmas cards as he possibly can from now till he passes.Please send him a Christmas card ASAP, and if you don't live in the US pls., pls., pls. send him one anyways.

Please read more of him and his photo here

You my please send it to this address;
Noah Biorkman

1141 Fountain View Circle
South Lyon, MI 48178

You may also want to check this out Let us extend our help to this young boy, it will not cost us much penny right?


Tiring Night

Hmmm, lost for three hours, i reported for work at nine pm and had to help my friend Imee as she was here in Ecom to apply in the company I am currently working with. I was just too curios and sometimes vexed with the way how our recruitment system works. Imagine she was here at 4:30 pm but got entertained at 10:00pm, what a waste of time! Grrrrrrrrrr.... I pitied my friend having this pissed off... She took the exam, passed ang got interviewed by John, advised for final interview on Mondat at 3pm, but Imee told that she can't make it that day. Since she is not familiar or hasn't live in Manila yet, I had to let her sleep in my house, though I am woking right now. I left her with my roommate Eunice.I was tired, but it's no problem, so long as i know I helped someone especially my friend. Hope she'll pass and be with me or work here.

Dhynnes :-)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Feeling Full

I haven't eaten any rice yet today, but i don't feel fainting and hunger. Is it because of the peanut or the ALIVE herbal anti-aging supplement that i had just taken? Perhaps both, and i answered my own question. I remember when i only had a cup of Blizzard Rocky Road Ice Cream last month at lunch, i took ALIVE then, and wasn't feeling any starvation. But I am not going to punish myself, i will still be eating my lunch tonight though i am not hungry, i might suffer the consequences of not anything healthy in future.
Do you know that I am in the middle of my work but still able to blog? Lols, and quiet, i just having a break for just couple of minutes. I just need to post something and divulge something about me... Can't wait for Friday, last day of US time reporting, will be back to our normal shift...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Farewell for Paul Dabell

One of our SME's from Utah visited Manila last October for a week. Continue transitioning was the purpose of his business trip. Paul Dabell, an assistant controller and who accompanied us to ride in Lagoon's Skycoaster.

Just like the first batch of our mentors, Mark Roberts, Kevin Matthews and Ryan Stringham, we treated him for lunch at Shylin located just after Mall of Asia. Karen ordered foods for us, i cannot enumerate them as i am not familiar with the names. Just need you to scrutinize our photos :-)


oh no, daming tira... maiuwi kaya?? think think....

Yeap, we hadven't eaten them all, leftovers and i brought home the Sweet Chilli Crab, yum yum...

Peanut - one of my favorites

And i've almost eaten 250 grams of peanuts the whole night, proves that i am a peanut lover. No wonder i have a pimply face, and they say peanut has nothing to do with pimples though! What i believe about it is, it makes me smart har har... Hope it's true... What's more interesting with me eating it is, i love it more if it's spicy, if not, no thanks. That's why i am alone eating it, nobody from my friends and officemates love spicy foods that much. (Parang ayaw ko daw mamigay hahaha) If only they knew, ayaw ko talaga jejeje...That's me dhina. Simple..

And We're Night Again

We are reporting US time since monday for month end closing activity. Good thing we are all day and night people so we can manage to work both schedule :-) This happens every month (of course) and for one week. Not bad!
It is during this reporting time of ours that we often see other employees taking a smoking break and even beer break (specifically red horse) in front of 7 11 of One E-com. As we go to this store to buy something, i can't help but shake my head witnessing this young pros in their stree-reliever activity. I am still wondering why they are allowed to report for work under alcohol? Hmmm...
I can't wait for Saturday morning, end of night shift, night shift is over again and watch for November close.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yet Another Dhi

So enthusiast to write anything these days. Inspired by various things, have a lot of ideas coming in yet do not know how to transcribe them all.
I already have my official blog, but i think i need another one. I know the rules, there shoukd be no duplicate posts, otherwise, either of my two blogs might be suspected as fake.
What if I did not discover wordpress and had blogspot instead, perhaps chance of having my own would be low. But i did not regret it, in fact, i enjoy my official blog as it is already starting to be lucrative. And i hope, Dhi's Me would be as lucrative as and viewers would discover this blog of mine, this new one.
This is just a start, i want to blog more about my barabgay here, Barangay Cabatang so it be known by many.
For now, ciao..
till then,

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