Friday, November 6, 2009

Feeling Full

I haven't eaten any rice yet today, but i don't feel fainting and hunger. Is it because of the peanut or the ALIVE herbal anti-aging supplement that i had just taken? Perhaps both, and i answered my own question. I remember when i only had a cup of Blizzard Rocky Road Ice Cream last month at lunch, i took ALIVE then, and wasn't feeling any starvation. But I am not going to punish myself, i will still be eating my lunch tonight though i am not hungry, i might suffer the consequences of not anything healthy in future.
Do you know that I am in the middle of my work but still able to blog? Lols, and quiet, i just having a break for just couple of minutes. I just need to post something and divulge something about me... Can't wait for Friday, last day of US time reporting, will be back to our normal shift...

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