Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tiring Night

Hmmm, lost for three hours, i reported for work at nine pm and had to help my friend Imee as she was here in Ecom to apply in the company I am currently working with. I was just too curios and sometimes vexed with the way how our recruitment system works. Imagine she was here at 4:30 pm but got entertained at 10:00pm, what a waste of time! Grrrrrrrrrr.... I pitied my friend having this pissed off... She took the exam, passed ang got interviewed by John, advised for final interview on Mondat at 3pm, but Imee told that she can't make it that day. Since she is not familiar or hasn't live in Manila yet, I had to let her sleep in my house, though I am woking right now. I left her with my roommate Eunice.I was tired, but it's no problem, so long as i know I helped someone especially my friend. Hope she'll pass and be with me or work here.

Dhynnes :-)

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