Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's New with I Just Opine

My primary purpose for blogging and set-upping my own domain is to make my name searcheable in the internet, waaaaaa.... Yes, it's true, that is the reason why i made it My name would not appear enumerable if not because of my blog. I will not be seen in search like "CPA BOARD PASSER", as much as i wanted to be there!, this is because I am not BSA grad, proud to be BSC Management Accounting graduate, not because I failed the BSA qualifying examination, it was because, there's no accountancy course in our school, only BSC, and I have to grab it as I had no other choice, i was granted a scholarship, full scholarship - no fees paid, that's why I am very proud of Canossa College San Pablo City for helping me in my college education, if not with their help, I don't know where I am today.

Aah, turning out of the title....
What's new with I Just Opine?, i got AntVenture, another site who holds sponsorship of various advertiser. Not sure yet how lucrative i will be with Mr. Dan Chan :-) We'll all find it out ha??

So check out my blog, you'll notice popping out of my site, just don't get annoyed with it, it's my ad...

dhynnes :-)

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