Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yet Another Dhi

So enthusiast to write anything these days. Inspired by various things, have a lot of ideas coming in yet do not know how to transcribe them all.
I already have my official blog, but i think i need another one. I know the rules, there shoukd be no duplicate posts, otherwise, either of my two blogs might be suspected as fake.
What if I did not discover wordpress and had blogspot instead, perhaps chance of having my own dhina-lieva.com would be low. But i did not regret it, in fact, i enjoy my official blog as it is already starting to be lucrative. And i hope, Dhi's Me would be as lucrative as dhina-lieva.com and viewers would discover this blog of mine, this new one.
This is just a start, i want to blog more about my barabgay here, Barangay Cabatang so it be known by many.
For now, ciao..
till then,

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