Monday, December 28, 2009

I Won "Perstaym Ko" Blog Contest

Yes! I won Perstaym Ko blog contest, conducted by, perstaym as in first time to travel. My entry was about my travel (business travel) in Utah USA last June 06 to July 10, 2009. This is my entry to this contest, please click here.

The prize here is a GC worth P5,000 from 7,107 Cruise Island. I am just wondering how will i consume or use this GC? Wonder if I can convert it to cash instead right?

I did not expect that I will win here, it was my perstaym also to win in a blog contest though. Ganito pala feeling.... When I read the email coming from omar itay, I loudly said, "Yey nanalo ako!" my officemates heard me say those. :-)

Well, hope I can join more blog contest pa... And hopefully, the astig camera will be one of the prizes... yey!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ACS Christmas Party with Parokya Ni Edgar

We've had the Affiliated Computer Services Christmas Party last December 13, 2009 at PICC. Black & White was the theme. Parokya Ni Edgar was there to regale us. And loved it! 10 songs were sang by them.

read more here
dhynnes :-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Can Do Them Alone!!

When I was working in my previous jobs, my superiors just left me working, letting me do things on my own. If i know how urgent the taks were, I am doing it, even those that are not urgent, say my daily routinely tasks. I can managed to work alone. And I had never been meddled by my bosses.

And i noticed that it's different now, and grrrrr..... He doesn't allow me to do things on my own, I know the process, I know the bottomline, I know why and how..... Please don't sit beside me while doing those reports and stop persisting, keeping me reminded of the time, format, ahhhhh.. I am tired! my ears get painful. I am not a fresh graduate who needs guidance, hello!!!! You pissed me so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop it..... PLease note that I am a 28 year old and an experienced employee..... I know what I am doing please...

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