Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Joined GlutaMAX "THE NEW ME" Blog Contest

Luckily I was able to finally decide on joining the contest sponsored by GlutaMAX through Nuffnang. I wan't that decided to join in that contest at first though prize that await are really amazing. MacBook, Apple Ipod, Nokia Phone, Trip to Hongkong and many more. Those did not encourage me at first because I thought the contest held by Nuffnang is only for beautiful blogger, it needs to showcase blogger's self, tell every one what's transformation happened to her. And I was a bit bashful to share something about me, because I know I am not winsome and charming :-)

Yet I decided, finally, to join. Michelle Rosco Reyes left us words during the Century Bangus Fillet Winners Lunch at Wack Wack Golf & Coutry Club last January 23, 2010. She told me and Pie, "Sali kayo, malay nyo kayo pala ang hinihintay ng GlutaMAX kaya sila nag-extend", that made me reply, "OO nga no, sana magdilang-anghel ka, sige sasali ako"... That was the time that I started to think of something that transformed from me, what will I share and how will I make it creative. I even had asked my officemate to take me a photo with GlutaMAX using her SLR so the resolution would be nicer. Here are the photos posted also on my entry.

"GlutaMAX, See the Results"

Here is the link of my entry, THE NEW ME, just click on it.

Again, like joining the Real Leaf Paparaxxi blog contest, I am not also expecting to win here. What I want is the thanksgiving or the awarding party that will be held once winners are chosen. In this event, everyone who joined is invited. This is more exciting because I will surely meet other bloggers :-)

Till then,

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