Friday, April 16, 2010

I Won Glutamx Products in "The New Me" Blog Contest

It was only yesterday that I learned I won the consolation prize of Glutamax The New Me blog contest. Finally the winners were revealed. I always access my nuffnang account and see what's new, then one of their latest posts if "Who's the Fairiest of Them All", which detailed the nuffnang Glutamax Winners. Saw them! As I was scrolling down reading until the end and trying to know the names of the winners, at the very end of the list, I found my name! Huwaw! Dhina Lieva is in it!! I was so happy though it was not a major prize! :-) Any little things make me happy, that's why I really was happy when I learned that among 71 participants I was also chosen...

Please see my entry here The New Me.


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