Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My First and Only One

I finally found someone....ooopppsss, not found, I finally have my only one, I did not look nor search for him. In one unexpected Sunday evening, while spending my time at home, he just came in. A stranger guy whom I never ever met before just popped out in fb requesting to be my friend. That was the start. I never imagined that he will be my one, the man whom I prayed and asked from Him. After so many years of being single, God gave me him, yet light years away from me. Though we are far apart, love exists and forever will.

This blog seems unnotice, I think this is the perfect space for me to write and express what I feel. If maybe someday, my bhe finds this, I hope when that time comes, it will be the time that we are together, I need to wait for eight more months, it's not long though, time wanes so fast that sometimes you cannot even feel that a day has just passed. That's what I feel, and I do not opine.

I love you my one.

Love lots,


  1. nice story dhynnes, so happy for you... love comes to those who believe... no need to search, it will find you... invite mo kami sa wedding nyo hehehe

  2. thanks friend.. hay ang hirap manghula ng anonymous....

  3. Sis thats really a great story to tell., and i am really happy for you., God bless


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