Thursday, August 19, 2010

To My One and Only

I thank God for giving me someone like you,
Someone who is sweet, caring, thoughful and responsible.
And someone who undoubtedly gives me his heart.
Someone who let me feel what is love.

I always prayed that God will give me a man whom I can share my life with,
It took years before He answered it, however, that wait was worth it.
I am now with a man given by God,
I am now enjoying my days with His gift.

We are far apart from each other,
Yet this does not prevent us to love each other,
Love exists, love prevails,
And forever will be.

I love you very much my first, one and only,
I uttered these words to you so plenty,
No matter how far you are, remember there is always a ME
Waiting for my one and only Jay bhe...

love lots,

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