Friday, October 1, 2010

My First on October First

Today is October 1, 2010 and here is my balderdash post.

I thought being in a relationship is just like an ordinary thing, you don't care a lot, but then I realized it isn't. I honestly say that I had my first relationship at the age of 29, and take note, it's an LDR. Who would believe that I will fall in love through the net, that I survive being apart from him. I am used to having no one beside me, this is why I endure getting into an LDR relationship. Every day we communicate, phone call, SMS and chat. My relationship with him is opened to my family, my mother knows of him well, my two brother do, so well with my father. I make sure that I have no secrets when it comes to this kind of relationship, especially to my mother. So we will be on our fourth month now, and counting.

But, just like any other relationship, trials, tampuhan and LQ cannot be averted, we've gone through that a lot. Petty things, yet I still feel insensitive and irrational, perhaps, I truly love him that's why. I got jealous when he talks to someone other than me, I doubted his feelings for me and I got pissed when he doesn't text me, truly petty aren't they? That's how I realized that it's not easy getting inloved (and I spelled involved as inlove) into this kind of relationship. I am just so lucky that I have understanding, patient, kind and loving partner. I sometimes tell him, kapag nagsawa ka na sa mga katopakan ko, sabihin mo lang at I will be willing to let go of you. That's how dramatic dhynnes is. Just last night, I had one of the craziest moments duh, a topak just because I was thinking he was talking to someone else and ignored me, yun pala, his server was slow and can't IM'ed me. He had his sumpong too, and left me. When I got home (I was at the office), I couldn't get to sleep thinking of what happened to us, and then I texted him Tnx po sa lahat lahat ha, pwede mo na po balik sa single yung status mo. Tomorrow na lang po ako pagpasok ko, pasensya na po. It seemed easy for me to end our relationship. Then he called me, I couldn't answered well, I was crying, we talked and fixed it. And everything was settled. Hayyyyy, pano na lang kung hindi sya, pano na lang kung pinatulan nya yung text ko? All of a sudden, mawawala yung isang taong I asked from Him ng matagal.

For those of you who has a relationship like mine, learn a lesson from my story, take care of your partner, try to understand every situation you have and listen to each other. Talk about the misunderstanding and fix it right away, don't let it pass by doing nothing, it will make the situation worst.

Ay humaba na, nag emote na ko... Happy October everyone! Merry Christmas! God bless you and us!

Till then,

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