Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Many Pages Do I Need to Write?

A long story of my life is worth airing, I have plans of sharing this to the whole nation... Sabihin nyo na ang gusto nyong sabihin against it but I wanted to share and inspire people who went and will go through trials and paths like mine. I told myself, I will be ready to tell all when I meet my partner in life, and now it happened, a sign that I now need to write something about my life. And with this, now I ask, how many pages do I need to write? I need an ample time to write everything that happened to me, every little thing that meant big. I hope MMK will not end until I share my story.

My story, I am a daughter, an ate, a dreamer and a lifetime partner. Thank you for all the blessings I received!

Till then,

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