Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Second Ultrasound

I was able to see our baby during my ultrasound last Saturday. I was again in deep happiness when I see him/her grown. His/her right hand was holding his/her nape and his/her long legs were kicking and stretching. I'm on my 17 week and 3/7 when I had my second ultrasound and from that time, our baby is still in the process of developing the skin, that is why we saw almost the bones, spinal cord specifically. Our baby did not reveal what his/her gender is, it's hiding still, my baby is in foot breech position. Cute cute, can't wait to see, hug and kiss you our baby.

My OB told me that I was having a contraction, I wonder why, I din't even feel it, I am not aware that I was having a contraction. Upon reading and surfing the net, I discovered that it happens to many mother-to-be, according to them, it sporadically happens as the uterus is adjusting. Sigh, relieved!

We love you baby <3 can't wait really! A long way to go.. March, I want to pull you :)

Till then,

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