Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - Disappointing

Last Sunday, while I was bored and found nothing to do, I decided to surf. I opened my mozilla which homepage was set to my blog I was shocked, I cannot view it, it led to OpenDNS, sometimes, cannot be displayed. I hastily emailed - the host of my domain. I asked them why I cannot view my blog. I got no reply from them until Monday. I first thought they were having a maintenance or something that is why my blog was down. My doubt eked when I asked my officemate to try viewing her blog which is also under, and viloa, she was able to view it. Why only me?

Here is the reply I've got :(

The time I read this, I really really really was mad, because in fact, I paid them 20 days in advance. And I am not expecting this to happen. I replied them with words fuul of anger I want them to feel how disppointing it is. Until now, my disppointment remains.

What more disppointing is again the another reply I received, that it will take 30-50 days to recover the domain, imagine the problem it will cause me. It is very important as I already earning from it and there are pending posts to be reviewed and paid. And if the advertisers do not see my posts because my blog is down, I will be rejected and I will be having a bad record to them. Arggghhhhh......

I hope will reclaim and recover it the soonest!! Soooo disppointing!


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