Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween Working!

November 01, 2011 was my first time to spend All Saint's Day alone and working in the office. I decided to go to work to finish some tasks. I regularly go home during this holiday, and sadly, this was my first time of being alone. My longings suddenly increased when I heard my mother's phone on the other line, informing me that they will be going to visit our relatives in cemetery. Too bad of me, I wanted to go home, it was 11am when my heart says, "go home"! :(

I am no longer a single lady that I used to 29 years ago. I have now a loving husband that should be asked permission to whenever I want to go to somewhere. Things have changed a lot now. Someone has to listen and talk to even in any small and petty things. And whether to visit home or not, is part of this so called "married life." 

Next year, where will I be on 11.01.12? 

Till then,

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