Thursday, December 1, 2011

On Being Pregnant - 23rd Week

And so yesterday marked may 23rd week of pregnancy. So many happiness and excitement was felt prior to that. This is really the feeling of being a mom, mixed emotions but excitement and happiness top it all. On my fifth month, I felt our baby move, and now on his/her 23rd week inside, I can feel him/her squirming. I see my tummy move as he/she moves inside me.

A little sacrifice now, I cannot sit with my feet alone, I need to have some chair otherwise, my tummy is pressed. I am also starting to feel the backache, that is why I wanted to lie down to avoid it. But those were nothing, those were just a wee sacrifice compared to other pregnant women who really suffered and felt the sign of pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. I am very lucky for not experiencing them.

I am not big as other pregnant woman, in fact on my 22nd week, I still weighed 110 pounds (50 kgs), same with what was my weight when I was in my 16th week. I eat healthy foods, but I do not eat a lot. I take vitamins as prescribed by my OB.

The only thing that saddened me is having a urinary tract infection (UTI) which according to them, pregnants are really prone to having a UTI. On my last visit last November 24, 2011, my OB prescribed me an anti-biotic to treat it, a cefulex I think to take for a week. twice a day, with 12 hours interval. And my oral taking ended yesterday, I will be having another urinalysis tomorrow to check whether my UTI has gone - and hopefully it's gone, otherwise, treatment continues.

I also had my first anti-tetanu vaccine, I visited our barangay midwife's house (supposedly in a helath center but it was Saturday) and she had me vaccinated by a tetanus toxoid. Next injection will be a month after - I am planning to go back on December 23, 2011.

Until now, I have no clue what our baby's gender is. All of them are telling me that I will be having a girl. I also checked the pregnancy tool - and it said, I will be having a girl. Me and my husband wanted to know our baby's gender, and on my return to my OB, I will request an ultrasound referral so we can know by then. December 7 will be my 6th month of pregnancy, konti na lang and our baby will be here. Yipee!!! Love you baby, mama and daddy love you so much!

Till then,

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