Monday, October 1, 2012

All That Games!

Because of the sudden swelling of my brother's feet, he is not able to walk around and do something like he used to do. He stays at home rather than making his feet even swelling. He spends his time watching tv, and doh! no other program can be watched but all those basketball games!

I am now reporting for work and will go back home again on weekend, I will perhaps buy him some harvard crimson tickets or hofstra pride tickets or houston baptist huskies tickets so he can enjoy more of his watching.

Nevertheless, I wish he recuperates very quick so he can earn a living for his little family. Bro, get well soon!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In Continuous Learning

I am an individual who love studying and honing myself with everything. I want to learn more and more and to gain more additional knowledge, those that will help me build a better career. I had my basic education for 10 years, my relatives advised me to work after that and help my family, but I insisted on pursuing my tertiary eduucation and achieve my dreams, so I took my undergraduate course and successfully finished it for four years. During that time, during my college years, I had in mind taking an MBA, to further hone my knowledge. I wasn't able to do that right away not until 2010. And thankfully, I was able to finish the 45 units required, the written comprehensive exam and the oral defense (case analysis). And now, I am waiting for our graduation march which will happen on 2013. Another dream checked! Educating my self one after the other.

Education I believe is the key to success, you will never get a nice job if you hadn't taken any. It's true that education is the only wealth that cannot be taken away from you, and in my case, education is the only wealth bequeathed to me.

Preponderate, you want a better life don't you? So take on some education, don't be tired of studying. There are many options available. You can attend a class or you can have it online e.g. eduboard. Attending a class requires your time, particilate, listen and talk, online class is somewhat a little convinient, it requires your time too but you don't need to spend penny for fare or gas up your car. If you want something that is offering more topics online, something like online tutor where you can easily learn Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Essay-Writing and more from highly-qualified teachers, there are lots of online tutor available - one of that is the eduboard. So if you want high grades or simply better grades or want to improve your grades, why not avail online tutorial, hassle-free and convinient isn't it?

Mind you guys, be serious on your education, you never know what awaits ahead of you, so better be equipped with good education. Good grades, pays high :) that is for me...

Till then,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This is What Heavy Rain Can Do

Bad weather, heavy rains, flooded country, dreaded condition, sleepless, bored equals BLOG! Wow, all that in one day and take note, I am this sleepless, just had 2 1/2 hours, but still manage to think of something to post. 

To be honest, what made me awake is the fear of any minute, water greets us here in our boarding house. I almost cried seeing our fellowmen soaked in almost as high as human flood - almost around the Metro and some provinces like Bulacan, Pampanga, Laguna and Rizal, too bad for us again, another nature's act and there;s is nothing we can do aside from helping each other but PRAY.

I am one of those lucky Filipinos who is not soaked and swam the flood, I was fortunate to reside in a place where flood is very rare, hopefully it's forever. But I pray that heavy rains stops so flooding subsides, Lord please embrace our country.

So this is what heavy rain can do, I was able to generate a cute blog signature.... See it below...

Be safe!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LONDON Olympics

Many countries are competing and bagging for many medals in Olympic games happening in London. We Filipinos have representatives in different sports and wishing that all of them will bring home the bacon. 
I dreamed of joining a competition like this, a gymnast haha, but this dream couldn't be a reality anymore, at my age, I can't do it, my bones are not flexible now and easily get tired. If I had it on my teenage years, I could perhaps join in.

There's perhaps some fee to pay watching it, like the missouri state bears tickets I am wishing I have one or the missouri tigers tickets or monmouth hawks tickets or all of them. I had experience watching games but not like these, hoping one day, I will be able to see more amazing and exciting games.

Till then,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

NBA 2012

Who wants to watch NBA finals this year 2012? Bet who will win this season? Boston Celtics vs 76ers, Oklahoma vs Lakers? Think think.... 

photo from yahoo sports

I am not a fan of basketball game, I never watch tv games :) wala lang, I just don`t enjoy watching them on tv. But I enjoy watching my brother plays during the barangay liga.

If I do not watch basketball games on tv, how can I buy atlanta falcons tickets, new orleans saints tickets, and minnesota vikings tickets? Hmmm, I better start showing my interest watching either of those mentioned.

Good luck to me :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Pregnancy Weight Tracker

Last Saturday - February 18, 2012, I had my pre-natal consultation with my OB-gyne Dra. Susan Valdez. I was the 3rd patient. I arrived in the clinic before 9am - the opening time of the clinic and waited until 11am for the doctor to arrive. Patient really applies here - we gotta be patient waiting for the doctor, call of their duty. Dra. Valdez had her round or visitation in the hospital she is affiliated with.

As the usual SOP - we were called by the assistant to get the blood pressure and weight. I had a BP of 100/60 and weight of 67 kilograms, woohaaaa, 67kilos? (this on my 34th weeks and 3days) We weighed twice and the result was the same. Two weeks prior to this, I weighed 53kls only. How come I gained 14kilos in two weeks? I even do not look like I'm 67! Okay then, I waited for my turn to be called by doc. When I was inside the consultation room, and Doc Valdez saw my weight, she was shocked, "how did it happen?" she said. "It's not normal, do you have a diabetes, a hypertension?" she asked me. I said "wala po" "Hmmm, nahilo ako dito, the normal weight gain should be 2 lbs a week, hindi ka naman mukhang lumaki, maliit pa nga tyan mo eh, halika nga silipin natin si baby" Our  baby looks fine according to the ultrasound. And because we were doubtful of my weight, the pregnant assistant checked the weighing scale and found out that it's not in zero base. So I had to re-weigh again, and sigh, I am only 54kilograms (120lbs), a kilo heavier :D Funny, I thought our baby is already big and I do not look like one hehehe....

I tracked my weight every pre-natal visit, here is the chart I have from
Till then, 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Baby's Kick at 33 Weeks and 6 Days

I love to see and feel our baby's kicks inside my tummy. Every time I lie down, I can feel her strong kicks that made my body shake. Our taekwando player inside me :)  

This is our baby girl inside me, kicking her mama strongly:)
I started feeling her movement when I was on my 5th month of pregnancy. It was already strong during that stage. I must document every move she makes because I am going to miss it when she's here with us. Expect to have a very active girl. We love you so much baby!!

Till then,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mama Dhi At 8th Month and the Baby Stuff

and this is me on my 8th month

What actually more exciting aside from seeing your baby during an ultrasound, is buying baby stuff. I am not excited to buy things hehe, I had it last January. All is pink - for our baby girl. I budgeted 3k - 5k only, but because there are things that need to be bought, I actually spent Php10,500. Here they are.
I thought these will not reach 10k, but when I paid the cashier huwaw... X_X I wasn't able to take photo of the baby clothes, the long sleeves, the shirt, the sleeveless, pajamas, panties, baby ties, those are included in 10k of baby stuff. I still need to buy sterilizer and some feeding bottles later.
This is our first baby so why not spend more for her things :) Pero, na excite and napasarap lang siguro ako sa pagso shopping for our baby that's why it is that expensive.

There so much more to tell and share. I'll post it here. By the way, I will be having a urinalysis again on my next visit with Dra. Valdez, and hopefully, my UTI is gone. 

See you soon baby, we love you so much!

Till then,

Friday, February 10, 2012

V-Time! Clearer Eyesight!

Four days to go and it's Valentine's Day. I am pretty sure that many of you are struggling to think what is the best present to give your partner, boyfirend, girlfriend, friends and love ones. There are many choices though, but why not make it so unique?

If you know your partner is having difficulty seeing things clearly, why think of gift that will not help him or her? Stop giving him or her something like flowers, chocolates, stuff toys and anything like that, make it clearer, give him or her an eyeglasses, let us call it Valentine's Day glasses, not only can he or she see things vividly, he or she will feel very important to you as eyes really matter right?

With this being said, look around and check on the best yet affordable online eyeglasses store. Have you found one yet? If not, I suggest you go over Zenni Optical, online eyeglasses store offering high quality products, it starts at only $6.95 prescription eyeglasses, pretty cheap right? Everyone can afford it, so why not visit Zenni Optical and browse over their eyeglasses, and make it the most unique Valentine's Day present. You will be surely be loved even more!

Till then,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blogging About Pregnancy

I am planning to make this blog as a parenting slash pregnancy blog, since I already have my personal/lifstyle blog.

I will be posting about my pregnancy here soon, I know it's too late as I will be giving birth anytime starting March 7, 2012. Nevertheless, my memory permits me to tell all about our first baby girl. For now, let this post be the start of my motherhood blog.

Till then,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

There We Are Again

Another fun gathering, happened last January 7, 2012 at DJ Resort in Tiaong, Quezon. A union of laughers and stories.

See you next year batchmates!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Another start of the year on the 23rd of January for our Chinese brothers and sisters. They have different cultures than us so we have to respect it. It is also good to know that people around the globe are also celebrating the Kung Hei Fat Choi though the real new year has already gone. A more colorful new year to celebrate because of the bright red!

Better late than never, we met yesterday with our Advantek and ACS friend in Mall of Asia to celebrate Rela's birthday. Eenah and Rela came all the way from Lipa Batangas and headed in Mall of Asia not only to have a birthday celebration but also to see how I look being pregnant. According to Rela, I'm cute as a pregnant. We had our dinner at Lugang Cafe, a Chinese restaurant across Tokyo Cafe.Perhaps next time, you could give us some chicago blackhawks tickets, or united center tickets or nhl tickets , how about that huh!

After the dinner, we just had some picture taking (I'll share the picture once Eenah uploads it). Bheng was also with us. Thank you Rela for the treat! Next time again!

Another day to remember. Thanks friends! Happy Chinese New Year!

Till then,

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