Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Pregnancy Weight Tracker

Last Saturday - February 18, 2012, I had my pre-natal consultation with my OB-gyne Dra. Susan Valdez. I was the 3rd patient. I arrived in the clinic before 9am - the opening time of the clinic and waited until 11am for the doctor to arrive. Patient really applies here - we gotta be patient waiting for the doctor, call of their duty. Dra. Valdez had her round or visitation in the hospital she is affiliated with.

As the usual SOP - we were called by the assistant to get the blood pressure and weight. I had a BP of 100/60 and weight of 67 kilograms, woohaaaa, 67kilos? (this on my 34th weeks and 3days) We weighed twice and the result was the same. Two weeks prior to this, I weighed 53kls only. How come I gained 14kilos in two weeks? I even do not look like I'm 67! Okay then, I waited for my turn to be called by doc. When I was inside the consultation room, and Doc Valdez saw my weight, she was shocked, "how did it happen?" she said. "It's not normal, do you have a diabetes, a hypertension?" she asked me. I said "wala po" "Hmmm, nahilo ako dito, the normal weight gain should be 2 lbs a week, hindi ka naman mukhang lumaki, maliit pa nga tyan mo eh, halika nga silipin natin si baby" Our  baby looks fine according to the ultrasound. And because we were doubtful of my weight, the pregnant assistant checked the weighing scale and found out that it's not in zero base. So I had to re-weigh again, and sigh, I am only 54kilograms (120lbs), a kilo heavier :D Funny, I thought our baby is already big and I do not look like one hehehe....

I tracked my weight every pre-natal visit, here is the chart I have from countdownpregnancy.com
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