Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In Continuous Learning

I am an individual who love studying and honing myself with everything. I want to learn more and more and to gain more additional knowledge, those that will help me build a better career. I had my basic education for 10 years, my relatives advised me to work after that and help my family, but I insisted on pursuing my tertiary eduucation and achieve my dreams, so I took my undergraduate course and successfully finished it for four years. During that time, during my college years, I had in mind taking an MBA, to further hone my knowledge. I wasn't able to do that right away not until 2010. And thankfully, I was able to finish the 45 units required, the written comprehensive exam and the oral defense (case analysis). And now, I am waiting for our graduation march which will happen on 2013. Another dream checked! Educating my self one after the other.

Education I believe is the key to success, you will never get a nice job if you hadn't taken any. It's true that education is the only wealth that cannot be taken away from you, and in my case, education is the only wealth bequeathed to me.

Preponderate, you want a better life don't you? So take on some education, don't be tired of studying. There are many options available. You can attend a class or you can have it online e.g. eduboard. Attending a class requires your time, particilate, listen and talk, online class is somewhat a little convinient, it requires your time too but you don't need to spend penny for fare or gas up your car. If you want something that is offering more topics online, something like online tutor where you can easily learn Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Essay-Writing and more from highly-qualified teachers, there are lots of online tutor available - one of that is the eduboard. So if you want high grades or simply better grades or want to improve your grades, why not avail online tutorial, hassle-free and convinient isn't it?

Mind you guys, be serious on your education, you never know what awaits ahead of you, so better be equipped with good education. Good grades, pays high :) that is for me...

Till then,

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