Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Great Samsung S4's Camera

I am loving my cellphone since the beginning of time haha, sinve the time I have it. Parang ang tagal na, I had this May 21, 2013. A very ignorant me because it was my first time to use Samsung.

Thanks for the help of my friends, they made my familiarity with S4 shorter, I mean I got myself familiarized with S4 so easily.

What is great with this phone aside from the LTE network and aside from a wide screen, it is the camera! Yes, for a blogger like me, I need a good quality photo for posting. Aside from that, I can right away watermarked my shots. Like these.


What can you say? It's easy to do. Just focus your camera on the subject, tap it and wait until the square turns green, then click! Your photo will have a blurred background. I did no edit in that photos, I only put watermark.

So if you are torn between cameras, deciding which to buy, S4 is a suggestion when it comes to camera, very handy.

Soon to post more photos ;)

Till then,


Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Won in Lotto!

Lol! I just wished!

Because you my Mind Speaks has page rank 1, I will try to post more and more and more here to maintain or better to increase your page rank. This is more than a lotto winning na.

But in all fairness, I really won! In Go Bananas scratch card. My prize? Php40.00 haha... I had 3 matching amounts in my card that is the Php40. Sayang, i had Php5,000 - 2 matched.


Read the whole story in Bloma I Am Dhi Mama.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wala Akong Readers

Me myself and I... the only reader of my blog, especially the new one, Bloma...I Am "Dhi" Mama, and huhuhu...... This blog is my 3rd, trying to be at my best in writing. I thought it was easy but not. Siguro I need to fully express my niche, concentrate on where I am good at? Eh meron ba? wala naman ata eh :( Bad!

May naalala lang ako nung minsang sumakay ako ng bus :) Share ko lang to make my busy day a lighter one.

Forgot the exact date, but it was last year. I was in a DLTB bus bound to LRT/Buendia, here is the scenario:

Si Kuya passenger sumakay, standing, si kuya kundoktor lumapit:

Kuya Kundoktor: Sir saan po kayo?
Kuya Pasahero: Sa Vito Cruz
Kuya Kundoktor: Hanggang LRT lang po tayo boss
Kuya Pasahero: OO nga, LRT tapos sasakay ako papuntang Vito Cruz.

------------------------------ nyahahahahahaha --------------------------------------------------

Yan muna for now,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Received an Award!

Ting! And this is the award I received :)


 I just do hope that I can find a better job with LinkedIn...    

Lazada Sale

Lazada Philippines